Rhinoplasty Topics of Discussion

Question: Does Kybella just not work for some people? Or do I need more treatments? Answer: Kybella is just not very effective, and cannot get rid of fat deposits located below the platysma muscle in the neck, which many people have. Liposuction can accomplish removal of fat deposits above the muscle, while a surgical neck lift is required to remove the fat deposits underneath the platysma muscle which also includes a platysma-plasty to significantly improve
Question: Follow-up question: Are there stark differences between a Genioplasty and Chin Implant? Answer: Yes there are certainly stark differences between a genioplasty and a chin implant. Chin implants are performed under local anesthesia which takes approximately 30 minutes to slip in the implant itself. A genioplasty is performed by an plastic surgeon under general anesthesia in hospital setting with an overnight stay and is much more invasive. A genioplasty is usually performed when the
Question: Why isn’t ultrasonic rhinoplasty practiced in the United States? Answer: Ultrasonic rhinoplasty does not offer any advantages whatsoever than traditional osteotomies is placed in nasal bones. It is simply a cutting tool and a method to cut bone like any other tool. In addition, there is significant aerosolization of blood products into the air with ultrasonic rhinoplasty and it’s probably not a good idea during a pandemic do use this technique. In addition, ultrasonic
Question: Would a 9mm anatomical chin implant be too big for my face? Answer: A small anatomical chin implant would be the appropriate size for your petite facial features. Placement of a chin implant can be done under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure which takes approximately 30 minutes. In our practice, we place the implant through a small submental incision. Question: Over extracted bridge and nostril flare, can I achieve my goals? Answer: Revision
Question: 9 months post op rhinoplasty. How do I ask for a revision? Answer: There is probably some room for improvement, but much more information is needed such as the Operative report to find out what was accomplished in the first procedure, and to determine the thickness of your skin in the tip of the nose which is going to prevent refinement in that area. Also an important understand there’s no perfect nose, since everyone

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